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Hana Miyagi
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11th-Dec-2008 11:16 pm - On the Road!
I've been on the road for a few weeks now, and I've gotten to see so many awesome pokemon!


I caught a plusle. *jumps for joy*

She's so cuuute! I named her Polly. Do ya think that's a good name for her? She warmed right up to Peaches and Teddi, but she doesn't seem to like Ditty much yet. Maybe it's cuz I used Ditty to catch her... Oh well. I hope they'll be friends soon, because I like my pokemon to be HAPPY!

Acording to the map, I only have one day left before I get to Russet Town! I can't wait to see Daddy, and show him Polly, and how well I've taken care of Ditty for him!

I should go feed my pokemon now!


12th-Nov-2008 03:15 am - TRIP TIME!
melodic laughter
I leave on my jurney to Russet town later today. I should be asleep, but Peaches wasn't feeling too earlier, so I spent the last few hours at the Pokemon center earlier. But she's fine now, asleep on my pillow actually.

Mom, Tayuki, and I did my shopping earlier. I got PokeFood, Pokeballs, medical supplies, and also a new sleeping bag and tent. At first, Mom didn't want to get the tent, but I told her I was maybe thinking about traveling as a Trainer. I mean, if I wanna be a Pokemon collecter, my Pokemon need to get stronger. And I need to be stronger if I wanna collect badges.

Cuz I wanna challinge Jasmine!

Its gonna be awesome tomorow!
8th-Nov-2008 07:24 pm - OMG A LAPRAS!
melodic laughter

... I don't think that's spelled right ^^;


I decided to go to the gym today, just to look around. I mean, I've lived here in Sienna all my life and never ever visited, so I thought I'd go. And Jasmine was there! I helped her clean her Lapras (and her stupid Gyarados soaked me, the jerk!), and Jasmine said that since I like Lapras so much, that when she breeds them, she'll give me one of the babies to raise!!!!


I'll have to stop back home around breeding season, I guess. Hopefully they're born while I'm back, because I'm going to visit Daddy for a few months. That should be enough time, right?
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